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Suggestopedic Communication

June 4 / 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. EEST

The American rock star, Tina Turner, released around 1985, a record entitled “What you get is what you see”.

With Suggestopedia / Accelerated Learning it’s the exact opposite: What you get is precisely what you DON’T see. The crucial elements are the invisible ones – the ones that determine everything.

The purpose of my sessions will NOT be to expand your knowledge of Suggestopedia. My sessions will try and show how to DO Suggestopedia and give you the invisible nuts and bolts that can make your classes successful and transformative. I will be asking you to become a “specialised technician” alongside me.

The bulk of my experience has been in France, where the most acute need for training has been in Language Acquisition. As a result, a lot of the illustrations I give will be linguistic ones. But these very concrete examples will be ones you can extrapolate from and apply to your own specialties.

We will be looking at activities that mobilise, that weave information into a cultural framework that resonates – at least intuitively. We will be experiencing another type of time management with novel ways of bridging from one activity to another, all with the intention of distorting time, to let the teacher fit more content in by expanding time and yet giving the students the impression that the hours are just whizzing by.

We will be exploring music, humour, personality development, and theatrical activities. But above all, it is hoped that we will be acquiring greater effectiveness in getting learners to assimilate information and new ways of creating excitement and fun.

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On live sessions: 👄 Interpretation in Bulgarian and Spanish.

Lonny Gold | Founder of the Resonance Learning

Lonny Gold has been at the very centre of Suggestopedia since 1977 and runs AL training courses worldwide on teaching to the unconscious mind as well as language and communications seminars. He was the Founder-President of France’s National Council of Suggestology, is a founding member of Sweden’ Suggestopedic Academy, and was at the Board of Directors of SEAL in Britain for many years.

Lonny has been conducting exuberant seminars and certifying other Suggestopedic teachers for over 35 years. The first person trained by the École Française de Suggestopédie in Paris, he also studied directly with Dr. Lozanov and Dr. Gateva in Italy and also benefited from the unique experience of the original Suggestopedian Institute’s star teacher, Reni Notcheva.